Don't Make These Common Seller Mistakes When Selling Your Home!!

Dated: 08/04/2019

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1.     Being emotionally involved. Once you decide to sell your home, you should think of yourself as a businessperson, not a homeowner. Thinking of selling your home from a business perspective will help you make decisions on what is best financially moving forward as well as what needs to be done to get your home sold. 

2.     Setting an unrealistic price. Setting the right asking price is critical. A buyer will most likely know if a house is overpriced (because their agent is pulling and showing them comps) and many times your home will be completely disregarded because a buyer could feel like your asking price is unobtainable. Or that you wouldn’t even consider their lower offer. Pricing your home correctly will generate the most interest and you could end up receiving multiple offers which could bid up the price of your home. Homes that are overpriced sit on the market longer, and buyers are turned off by that as well. The longer a home sits on the market, the more buyers think something is wrong with it. 

3.     Not willing to negotiate. If you expect asking price for your home with no wiggle room, you are going to lose potential buyers. The home buying process is a negotiation, especially in the market today. Pricing your home to leave room for negotiation is smart. Remember you can always negotiate with repairs, closing costs, or other fees as well. 

4.     Not getting professional photos. Have you looked at homes for sale online and seen pictures that were terrible? I bet your opinion of that home was immediately negative, even before you knew the details. The pictures are usually someone’s first impression of a home, and even if someone already knows and likes details of a home, bad pictures can send a buyer running. A good real estate photographer will know how to optimize lighting and ensure your home is being showcased perfectly. You can also opt for a video tour or drone images, both of which are helping homes sell faster in today’s market.

5.     Hiding and/or not fixing major problems. Any problems with your home will be uncovered in the home inspection. So why not fix them beforehand? Getting a pre-inspection is actually a great way to figure out what will show up for buyers, so you have time to either fix those problems, or disclose those problems and price your home accordingly. Having a pre-inspection will demonstrate to buyers the actual condition of your home so they are mentally prepared with any issues that need to be fixed, or not fixed. Hiding problems with your home violates disclosure rules and can land you in legal trouble. 

6.     Not preparing your home for sale. Going back to that business mindset, preparing your home for sale is so important. Think about how a buyer will see your home when walking through it. A clean, decluttered, depersonalized home will attract buyers and allow them to see themselves in the home. So packing up certain belongs to declutter and open up your house, taking down certain photographs, deep cleaning and even replacing carpets and/or repainting are all things that should be considered. Even hiring a stager to come in and either bring in furniture or rearranging yours to optimize the space is beneficial. First impressions are very important.

7.     Not accommodating buyers. If a buyer wants to see your home, you should be able to leave your home (within a reasonable window) clean, presentable and ready for them to walk though. It may be inconvenient for you, but buyers work on their own timeline, not yours. 

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